3PL Warehousing

Poor handling in the warehouse or the wrong type of 3PL facility for your precious products costs you money and hurts brand reputation when you can’t respond to customers on a timely basis. At Exim Express, we offer a wide range of customized third-party logistics warehousing and value-added services to meet your needs now and as your business grows. The expert team at Exim Express will first conduct a thorough analysis of your 3PL requirements for storage and handling. We can assist in identifying the best solution and locations for centralised or decentralised storage.


  • “Asset light” 3PL philosophy allows us to set up domestic and offshore warehousing operations wherever you need us
  • “Asset right” 3PL philosophy means we invest for medium- to long-term commitments
  • Advanced warehouse management system (WMS) with RF handheld operations allows real-time visibility into any transaction across multiple facilities, if required, to manage even the most complex stock rules


  • Facilities located in Nairobi and Mombasa
  • Distribution centre
  • Cross-docking hub
  • Consolidation point
  • Buffer (overflow) warehouse
  • Stock-piling facility
  • Postponement centre